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Oct 19, 2015
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One-third of our beauty-queen trio for this month's cover, Queenie Rehman is as statuesque as they come. With her God-given gorgeous towering body, intelligence, and impeccable poise, she became the Philippines' bet for the Miss World pageant three years ago.

You could say her parents couldn't have picked a more fitting name for her.

Her queenly features and otherworldly beauty is something we all know, love, and see a mile away. What the casual observer might not know though is that Queenieall 5'9" of hermakes use of her physical features in other, less glamorous but just as rewarding ways.

One word: sports.

And what sports are we talking about here? Despite the risk of looking like sweaty midgets next to a radiant goddess, we talked to Queenie during her cover shoot together with Danielle Castaño and Cindy Miranda to know more about the stuff that pleases her.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below to know more about Queenie Rehman:

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