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May 29, 2013
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Best Babes of the Week

In this week's lineup, we have two premiere Kapuso actresses going neck and neck for the top spot in this year's FHM 100 Sexiest polls, a French stunner revealing a traumatic childhood experience, and an FHM cover girl coming to grips with her newfound sexy image, among others.

Scroll down below to see our Best Babes of the Week!

Marian and Sam: It's on!
We're going to narrow the 100 Sexiest voting down for y'all: Marian Rivera and Sam Pinto are both in the running as this year's Nation's Finest, and you won't believe how tight this race has been! Remember how Marian topped the polls during the start of the voting period? And how we announced several weeks later that Sam has taken over the top spot? That's pretty much the story of this year's campaign. This is way more exciting than any national election we've taken part in, and the wee gap between their numbers are scary intense. What say you, FHM Nation? Who among these Kapuso A-listers should nail this year's crown?

Voting ends June 5, brah. So, by all means, vote! Click here to do exactly that!

Best Babes of the Week Marian Rivera

Angel, meanwhile, plays the role of the dark horse in this year's race

With talks of Sam Pinto and Marian Rivera topping this year's FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll, there is one other celebrity who may just sneak in from behind and score this prestigious nod for the third time in her career. As of press time, Angel Locsin is currently sitting in third place, though the vote discrepancy between this year's frontrunners is really as tight as it gets. Heck, four out of the five babes featured in this week's gallery are presently at the top of the list. Click here to see Angel's FHM cover photos, and make a difference by voting for her here!

Best Babes of the Week Angel Locsin

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