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Dec 20, 2013
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Who's not in a happy, festive mood with Christmas right around the corner? If you're still acting like a Scrooge, well, stop acting like one, and party with the rest of every Christmas-loving Filipino in the world! To help you even more, we turn to the trusted source of entertainment for office workers everywhere, YouTube!

Below are some of the neatest videos on YouTube that will help you absorb that Christmas spirit! We start with...

1) ...what else but Victoria's Secret models spreading holiday cheers with their Christmas carols and Christmas cleavage!

First up, is their own version of that caroling favorite among people who don't like complex lyrics, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas!"


Then we follow up with belles that give us that funny, jingly feeling inside, singing "Jingle Bells!"


We finish off with "Deck The Halls," decked with one of the sexiest VS models today, Miranda Kerr! So cute!


2) That tear-jerking Jollibee ad


While those bouncy models have always caused tears of joy in us, this Jollibee ad strikes a familiar chord with Pinoys that have relatives working abroad. It had us remembering just how much we miss our family members who are toiling hard in another land.

We got sad. So we did the next logical thing: We ate at Jollibee. Damn you, bee man, how clever can you be?!

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