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Oct 9, 2013
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Here's another reason to get all pumped up for 2014: a new Godzilla movie!

godzilla 2014 movie

Yes, our monster-loving friends, the King of Monsters will return to the big screen next year via a new movie from Legendary Pictures! We've had our share of plus-size mayhem courtesy of Pacific Rim but we say, WE WANT MORE!

Check out the short video below for more details on the latest version of the legendary kaiju:


We're adding this remake to our must-watch list of 2014, and for good reasons: 1) Godzilla (or Gojira for our Japanese friends) is so popular it has its own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and; 2) According to its producers, next year's movie will bring back the gigantic battles between Godzilla and other monsters! Shivers!

godzilla 2014 movieSuck it, Kong!

For those who are new to the scene, Godzilla first appeared in a film produced by Toho Ltd Productions way back in 1954, spawning one of the most successful monster movie franchises ever. The 2014 version will also coincide with the beast's 60th birthday. Godzilla has starred in numerous movies, usually opposite other giant monsters, including one where it battled America's own King Kong. That 1998 remake starring Matthew Broderick and a giant mutated iguana? Fanboys won't approve.

With a filmography as rich as this big guy has, some scenes tend to really stand out. We list down six of the most memorable moments in the Godzilla lore, because we're nerds like that—and we don't want the 2014 version to suck... (So pay attention, Hollywood!)

Hop on to the next page to watch Godzilla at his beastly best.

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