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Oct 8, 2014
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The slingshot ride has officially overtaken the roller coaster as the most thrilling amusement ride in the world. Also known as the reverse bungee, it catapults its willing victims patrons way up in the air just like a stone on a mammoth-sized tirador.

The best part? A camera usually records its ballsy riders' reactions!

Sounds fun? Of course it is! But you also need a lot of cojones to truly enjoy this "flying" experience—lest you want to be known as the dude who passed out three times!

Video via JukinVideo

Don't worry bro, at least you tried. Besides, you're not alone—in fact, the slingshot ride becomes more fun whenever... 

A dude faints twice beside his date

Video via Funny And Enjoy 2013 :)

A silent fella and a hysterical gal ride at the same time

Video via WTFVideoTube

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