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May 18, 2015
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The weekend was a knockout thanks to the festivities surround #UFCManila. Unfortunately, Monday just had to come and put a damper on things once again.

1) WINNING TIME: El Gamma Penumbra wins Asia's Got Talent

The Philippines claims victory over its Asian brothers as Pinoy "shadow play" group, El Gamma Penumbra, takes home the grand prize in the inaugural Asia-wide talent search. Relive their performance here:

Video via HerculeanBreed

2) APOCALYPSE NOW: Have a look at the main cast of X-Men: Apocalypse

If there's a supergroup out there that can excite us more than the Avengers, it's the X-Men. This crazy band of mutants have been our superheroes of choice since their cartoon series in the '90s made Fridays so much better. Now, the latest movie in the series is set to come out...in 2016, that is.

So, for now, we'll have to whet our appetites with a gallery of the movie's main cast as prepared by Moviepilot.com  

Here are a few:  

Photos via Moviepilot.com

See the entire gallery here.

3) GIRL POWER: New Supergirl trailer debuts

From the big screen, we turn our attention towards the boob tube, where DC Comics' Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl is set to debut in her own TV series in November 2015.

Starring Glee's Melissa Benoist, the trailer for the new superhero show has been released:

Video via CBS

4) STILL NOT THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP: Floyd Mayweather, booed at Warriors game

Everyone cheered for NBA MVP Steph Curry. The same simply couldn't be said for The Man Who Calls Himself Money. Just as he was booed after the fight against Pacquiao, the fans at the Golden State Warriors' Oracle Arena continued to sing the same song:

5) THE NEXT PACQUIAO?: Pinoy fighter beats Mexican foe in stunning upset KO.

26-year-old Eden Sonsona is probably not the next Pacquiao, but he did come up with a satisfying second-round knockout of the Mexican Adrian Estrella. The Filipino fighter was a huge underdog coming into the fight, but prevailed in the second round with a crushing right hook to his opponent's chin.

Watch the fight here:

Video via CostaDeportes

6) THIS WEEK ON SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS: Koreans react to Pinoy celebrities

Making the rounds on social networks this week is a video featuring Korean individuals looking at various Pinoy celebrities such as Kathryn Bernardo, Marian Rivera, Liza Soberano and Julia Barreto to comment on their looks. A common theme seems to be their surprise over the celebrities' mature look, in spite of their real age.


Video via KoreanStarTV

7) SLASHER UNMASKED: Mortal Kombat X reveals what Jason Voorhees actually looks like

Jason Voorhees, the infamous slasher in those Friday The 13th movies, was recently introduced as a character in Mortal Kombat X—a perfect fit.

Part of the excitement was seeing the machete-wielding psycho's fatalities. They've been wicked:

Video via IZUNIY

For fans of the series though, the coolest part was getting to see the masked killer's actual face. Gamers on the PC version had been able to unearth Jason's facial renders, which had been typically hidden during normal play. Take a look:

Photo via Uproxx.com

8) PERKS OF BEING A BUSINESS TYCOON: Chinese billionaire reportedly pays a Japanese porn star to be his personal assistant

A Chinese business tycoon, who has remained anonymous with the use of a mask, has reportedly spent £5 million to pay for the services of a personal assistant. In this case, the personal assistant is Russian-Japanese AV idol, Rola Misaki. The 22-year-old actress is said to have appeared at several public functions in Beijing together with the masked benefactor. They appear below:

Photos via Dailymail.co.uk

To which we say: Man, if the reports are true, Rola Misaki just might be the highest-earning personal assistant ever.

9) MUSIC VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Taylor Swift's new music video is star-studded

Even if you're not a fan of Taylor Swift's music, you're going to be impressed with her new music video. Drawing inspiration from Sin City, Tron, The Fifth Element, and lots of money, the "Bad Blood" music video is as close to a cinematic experience as we'll get from a music video. It's as star-studded as a blockbuster movie, too, featuring the likes of Lena Dunham, Victoria's Secret models Lily Aldridge and Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Selena Gomez. 

Video via TaylorSwiftVEVO

10) A PAGEANT WE CAN GET BEHIND: China's Boob Contest

According to Fooyoh.com, a Chinese blogger by the name of Zhang Jiang held an online competition "to find the most beautiful bosom in China." The contest was allegedly held via China's version of Facebook, Weibo—and required participants to write "Happy Zhang Jiang" on their boobs or a piece of paper. 

The legitimacy of the story is iffy at best, but hey, bewbs! Any guy that can hypnotize women into undressing is a hero in our books! Here are some of the "contestants":

Photos via Fooyoh.com