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Aug 26, 2014
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FHM Nation, were you able to see the grand finale of Pinoy Big Brother: All In the other night? Daniel Matsunaga may have emerged as this season's Big Winner but, mind you, someone else totally stole the show.

Meet "Boy Pakyu," a yet-to-be-identified audience member who flashed the dirty finger when the camera panned on him during Daniel's emotional victory speech.


Video via Danica Gonzales

Way to spoil Daniel's special moment, brother! But before you go around telling everybody how disrespectful this guy is, you might want to check out what he's been up to in recent years.

Turns out "Boy Pakyu" has a golden heart, but his middle-finger-toting ways make everyone think he's just out to ruin innocent lives. Scroll down to see what we mean!

When the MRT overshot at the Taft Avenue Station earlier this month, "Boy Pakyu" was one of the first to say "Up yours!" to the government.


When Germany massacred Brazil in the FIFA World Cup, "Boy Pakyu" told all the Brazilians to keep their heads (and middle fingers) high.


When Juan Manuel Marquez toppled Manny Pacquiao in 2012, "Boy Pakyu" slowly erected his middle finger to tell Manny that there's nowhere to go but up.


When Paul George broke his foot during Team USA's exhibition game, "Boy Pakyu" instructed Paul to grab a hold of his finger when the pain becomes too much.


When Dingdong Dantes finally proposed to Marian Rivera on air, "Boy Pakyu" exhibited his ring finger to tell Dong to put a ring on it already. 


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