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Nov 26, 2013
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Uhm, what the hell just happened? Did we really just see Brian die in the latest episode of Family Guy?

In one of the most shocking moments in TV history, Brian, the Griffins' martini-swingin' family dog, unexpectedly died at the hands of a hit-and-run driver during a recent episode. He was seven (49 years in dog years). We know this is a cartoon show, but we are so not ready for this one—we've loved this dog since '99!


It's unclear whether Brian will come back to life in the future (who knows what Stewie is capable of at this point, right?), but the character has already been replaced by a new dog named Vinnie in the same episode. Seems to us we won't be seeing Brian for a while, or worse, for good.


If this is indeed the case, then please allow us to give him the send-off he deserves. Here are some of the things we love and will miss the most about Brian. Rest in peace, brother!

We love the fact that you dumb it down when in the company of Peter and Stewie, even though you're one of the smartest cartoon characters on TV.


In more ways than one, you were more human and rational than the rest of your family combined.


But some days, you're really just a dog. And that's cool, too.


You've banged your fair share of chicks, and it's not because you're a dog and they find you adorable. We really admired that about you.

You were like the husband Lois never had. We thought it was weird at first, but we can totally see it happening now. Well, not anymore...

Brian Griffin

Best of all, when you performed "Never Gonna Give You Up" at the Newport Country Club Dance, that's when we knew you were unlike any other wisecracking talking animal on TV. You were something else, Brian. You were something else. We'll miss you. Badly.