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Apr 7, 2016
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As much as the electorate is sick and tired of cheap tricks and superficial campaign methods, most local politicians can't help but resort to these shoddy attempts at self-promotion.

One may surmise that elections are not just popularity contests anymore, but in every intelligent suffragist, there are 10 voters casting their ballots for someone who solely had left a lasting impression on them, no matter how frivolous a candidate's antics were.

For the sake of a much more educated decision-making and responsible voting, FHM presents "Things Politicos Do For Votes," a unique election series that will put the spotlight on the unnecessary absurdities Filipino politicians shamelessly do during the campaign period. This is gonna be fun!

Last week, we saw Makati Congresswoman Abby Binay bust out some seriously awkward moves during the launch of her candidacy for mayor of the city.

This week, presidential candidate Senator Grace Poe seemed to have coaxed her son Brian to slip into his dancing shoes in hopes of endearing fans and more importantly, potential voters, in Cebu.

And judging from the video below, the grandson of the late Fernando Poe Jr. is into Dawin and Justin Bieber...

Well, it looks like Brian needed more rehearsal time.