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WTF News: The Giant Fart Machine!

Giggles aside, this is one mean and fiery invention!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 25, 2014
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British inventor Colin Furze aims to do something that will grant him a special place in drunken kwentuhan sessions for years to come: fire a humongous fart machine and let it rip at France!

Now, hold your giggles first. We all know what a whole lot of fart can do (and we hope no cows will be hurt in the process). But this dude isn't kidding. In fact, he has already created and tested his fart machine, and it's one fiery contraption (Insert flaming butt joke here).

Video via colinfurze on YouTube

To power his WTF-worthy creation, Mr. Furzea self-proclaimed garage inventor and video makerbuilt the biggest valveless pulse jet engine ever. This kind of engine was used by Nazi V-1 bombs in World War II and has the capability to produce a booming noise loud enough for a fart of legendary status. Too bad there's no confirmation if an accompanying stench is also in the mix.

Beavis will be proud.

fart machineImage via askthegreatcornholio.tumblr.com

And when you build a giant fart machine, why not build a giant butt as well to make it all look authentic, right? Our man Colin is already one step ahead.

fart machineImage via colinfurze.com

And here's the video of the actual butt-making process—because we know you want to see it! You're welcome!

Video via colinfurze on YouTube

When it's all done, the fart machine will be transported to the White Dover Cliffs (located at the southeastern side of mainland United Kingdom), pointed at France (about 21 miles away beyond the English Channel), and fired away.

The first "firing" was actually scheduled around 6 p.m. last July 24, London time, or about 1 a.m. today here in Manila. A quick Internet search though yields no news as to what happed. Even Colin Furze's Twitter account and website are still not breaking any wind anything as of this writing.

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