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Jun 1, 2010
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Considering our dear readers’ love for scavenger hunts as of late, our latest promo could very well be very “timely.”

Notice the iconic Casio watch that keeps popping on our webpage? Our one good tip is to keep on clicking it as much as you can.

But if you already did, then congratulations, for you have now earned points in our Casio Perfect Timing promo.

Joining is really easy: visit FHM.com.ph and simply watch out for our Casio watch icon that will appear on our pages. Click as many icons as possible to earn yourself some points.

The more watches you click, the more points you get.

This is where it gets really interesting: the first five participants with the highest score will win an exclusive watch from Casio. We will contact these five lucky winners with their mobile numbers.

Running out of time is not an issue here, as the clock-click fest officially starts today until June 15, 2010. That’s 15 days of non-stop Casio watch scavenger hunt, without missing out on our babe galleries, features stories, and reviews.

Sounds exciting, yes? So keep on surfing and put yourself on watch mode for the time being!



We had to take out the real-time tracker because the site had been experiencing difficulties since we put it up. Given the technical complexities, editors and publishers have agreed to publish score updates every two days. Thank you and please continue playing the Casio game. Cheers!