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Sep 14, 2011
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Before we proceed with the details of this story, our one good suggestion for today: read and listen carefully. What you are about to find out may change your life or the people closest to you. And we’re not talking in tints here.

Cancer, as we’ve mentioned in a previous article last week, is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Factors for acquiring it could be external (tobacco, chemicals, radiation) to internal (hereditary, immune conditions).

The leading cause of cancer among men in general would be lung and prostate cancer, while women usually suffer from lung and breast cancer as well. Cancer, in particular, is the 3rd most common cause of death in the Philippines, heart diseases taking the most common and vascular diseases placing second.

But never mind the stats. The harsh cliff notes is that cancer strikes when it feels like it. Very worrisome is the fact that people, no matter how healthy their lifestyle is, could still be prone to the disease. You could be a vegetarian or a morning jogger, and it could still knock on your door. Just a story.

So: in the unfortunate circumstance that a person gets diagnosed with cancer, there lays a new kind of cancer treatment called Cryosurgery. It is from, ehem, China. Famously being practiced in the FUDA Hospital in Guangzhou, China, we’ll let this 2010 special report by Karen Davila explain the details for you, Allow us to take a few minutes off your time:

With all due respect to the hardworking doctors and nurses in Philippine hospitals, this cancer center and the treatment it is offering, look too good to be true. And the best part is it really is happening.

Led by doctor and Professor Kecheng Xu, FUDA has provided treatment for patients from more than 38 countries, including the Philippines, which already had over 300 cancer cases treated by cryosurgery. FUDA has also recorded 10,000 treated patients from over the world, and has been voted as the best cancer hospital in China in 2009 and dubbed the ‘Most Innovative Young Hospital in China’ in 2010.

But even better news is a local organization called Philippine Volunteers for FUDA, set up by a group of Filipinos who have received successful cancer treatments at FUDA, made to accommodate cancer patients who aspire to seek this kind of treatment in China.

So this is our conscious effort in bringing awareness to our readers, which we hope will make the rounds within the people around you. Should you desire to familiarize yourself with the PVF, you can get in touch with volunteer leader Edward Puno at ebpuno@gmail.com or visit www.pvf.org.ph.