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Aug 4, 2014
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Far hairier than LeBron-ing, planking, and Pacquiao-ing combined, China's newest Internet meme has produced a ton of images...that we're not quite sure what to make of.

It involves selfies.

And armpits.

And armpit hair.

As reported by Chinese website rocketnews.com, China's version of Twitter, Weibo, has launched a contest where Chinese girls are encouraged to take an armpit selfie under one condition: the said armpit must be full of hair. The competition is called "Girls not plucking their armpit hair," and has labeled itself as a feminist cause about not conforming to standards of beauty.

Here are some of the results:

Here's our reaction: Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan!

And to, you know, balance things out, below are GIFs of Anne Curtis doing The Kili-Kili Dance! Yay, Anne!