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Dec 20, 2013
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We're sorry, JCVD: Chuck Norris just set the gold standard for how epic splits should be done.

Starring in a viral video inspired by his fellow action star's epic Volvo commercial, Norris has recreated Van Damme's feat doing the splits between two jets while balancing a human Christmas tree of 11 tactical airborne comrades on his shoulders.

Press play on the clip to see it:


The catch though is the clip...is obviously not real. Hungarian production house Delov Digital created the parody to mark the holidays and pay tribute to Van Damme's epic commercial. So in hindsight, Jean Claude, you still have the upper hand in this one.

Still, would you let Master Chuck steal your thunder just like that? Would you allow a computer-generated dude to take over your spotlight? No sir, that ain't happening.

So here's our proposal: A GIF-off battle! Whose got eyes at the back of his head? Who shakes his hips better? And, more important, who hits his own schlong for fun? Scroll down to find out who's got the better collection of GIFs!

We love the GIF where Chuck slaps his chest hair and eats Bruce Lee for breakfast...

Chuck Norris

...Although we also love the GIF where JCVD gives this humongous Mongolian the most painful high five ever recorded in history

Jean Claude Van Damme

We love the GIF where the welfare of Planet Earth literally lies on Chuck's iron hands...

Chuck Norris

...Although we also love the GIF where these Asian girls step back to make room for JCVD's hips


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