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#CincoDeMayo: A Shoutout To The First Mexican We've Ever Loved, Thalia!

Join us as we pay homage to Mexico's greatest export!
by Mikey Agulto | May 5, 2014
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Happy Monday, FHM Nation! Today marks the fifth day of May, which means the world is celebrating Cinco de Mayo! 

Granted, it's not that big of a deal here, but it is in Mexico. The occasion aims to commemorate the country's freedom, democracy, heritage, and pride. Even the Americans and Japanese love participating in the festivities, so why not us, right?

And what better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than to give a shout out to the first Mexican we Filipinos have ever loved, Thalia! Join us as we pay homage to Mexico's greatest export!

Once upon a time, millions of Filipinos fell head over heels in love with Thalia, and it's easy to see why. Just look how cute and charming she is. What's not to like, right?


Thalia made a career out of playing underdog heroines, and her signature naivety is one of the things we
madlang people love about her.


For a girl who could pass as a goddess, Thalia seemed like she doesn't have an ounce of vanity in her bones.


You could say that we owe our magazine's success to Thalia. Without her, there would be no Marimar, and without Marimar, there would be no Marian Rivera. And everyone knows how much we love working with Marian.


You know who else owes her a great deal? Jessy Mendiola. Thalia was also the woman behind the original Maria Mercedes!

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