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#DearCoachManny, We Have Some Questions For You...

Is our Pambansang Kamao really qualified to be a professional basketball coach?
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jun 13, 2014
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It’s official: Manny Pacquiao is now a PBA coach!

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Kia Motors, one of three PBA expansion teams to debut next season, officially named the boxing hero as their head coach earlier this week. So besides his commitments in politics, the sport of boxing, and the entertainment industry, he will now do this too. Ikaw na busy, idol!

In case you're wondering how the Pac-Man plays ball, here's a sample:

It’s no secret that Manny’s crazy about basketball. He regularly plays pick-up games and organizes leagues during his spare time. And now that he’s the head coach of Kia, he says that he will rely on these experiences as he leads his team to a championship (or, at the very least, respectability). He even vowed that the players who will make his team’s roster will be required to train like him.

Still, the big question lingers: Is he really qualified to be a professional basketball coach, or is this a disaster waiting to happen? Don't get us wrong, idol, we'll forever be Pac-tards; it's just we don't want you to lose face (we felt the same way when you went into movies and tried your hand at TV sitcoms).

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However, everyone deserves a chance at proving himself. So, go show what you can do and the best of luck to you. We just have one piece of advice: It'd help silence your critics if you just really talk about basketball. You know, what's the gameplan? What kind of players are you looking for? Ano opensa? Depensa? If you may, Coach Manny, here are a few questions you should address:

Dear Coach Manny, how long have you been playing organized ball again?

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We know you’ve been playing street ball since you were a kid. We also know that you often organize basketball leagues among your peers, and even invite pro-ballers to play with you. But did you have any varsity experience as a youth? Were you ever invited as a hugot back in GenSan? Has anyone taught you the fundamentals of the game?

Truth be told, we noticed that you don’t have a single drop of collegiate, let alone, semi-pro basketball history. You only play pick-up matches and ligas mostly organized by, uhm, you.  

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Dear Coach Manny, do you have any coaching experience prior to this?

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We know that you’ve dabbled in a lot of different things, but we’re not really familiar if you’ve ever coached a basketball team. Except for being a "playing coach" of your own team, the MP GenSan Warriors in Liga Pilipinas, have you drawn plays for other players in order to win a ball game?

Look, coaches don’t get chosen as easily as you. Great minds like Tim Cone and Baby Dalupan had their fair share of on-court experience (both also played collegiate basketball) and had to work for their credentials before getting chosen to man the PBA sidelines.

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