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FHM Goes Babe Spotting At Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models For 2014 Party!

Ready your eyes, bros! Here are the <em>#sexystrongsmart</em> beauties who embody the true Cosmo spirit!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 14, 2014
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Last night, the Raven club in Fort Bonifacio Global City became the home of some of the leggiest Pinays in the land when our fab friends at Cosmopolitan Philippines introduced their 8 Sexiest Models for 2014!

cosmo 8 sexiest modelsThe models together with Summit Media's Editorial Director and
Cosmopolitan PH EIC, Miss Myrza Sison (fifth from right)

This year's picks were selected because they have the #sexystrongsmart quality the magazine is looking for in a Cosmo Girl. As we had expected, the event was filled with stunning women, which of course led us to do what we do best at events filled with stunning women: Go babe spotting!

See below, Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models for 2014 and a few more gorgeous sights from the party!


cosmo 8 sexiest models

Aside from having a figure that would make you feel guilty for gobbling up oily dishes, Tola has a million-dollar smileand it lit up the festivities (and our spirits) last night.

On what makes her sexy: "I’m sexy because I accept my flaws and don’t let them pull my self-esteem down. Instead, I use them as a reason to motivate me to work harder to improve myself."


cosmo 8 sexiest models

Olivia here shows us why a dress is better with a slit. Seriously, she reminds us of a Greek goddess with the way she projects and sashays onstage. #Fierce

On the sexiest part of her body: "My toes—you’ll never see me without a good pedicure!"


cosmo 8 sexiest models

This mestiza beauty proves that you don't need a pimped-out dress to look stunning.

On her best fashion tip for girls who want to look sexy: "Only wear clothes that you feel confident in!"


cosmo 8 sexiest models

She looks so regal here but, we tell you, Katarina is a bundle of sexy energy! Her enthusiasm was evident with the way she smiled and walked like a rockstar on stage.

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On what makes a woman sexy: "Intelligence, without a doubt. Smart women have this aura that radiates confidence and mystery—all of which are sexy traits."


cosmo 8 sexiest models

If you want another reason why chinitas rule, we introduce you to Hye Won Jang. If her cute smile doesn't melt your heart, then there's something wrong with you, bro.

On what makes her sexy: "My calm and mature demeanor makes me sexy."


cosmo 8 sexiest models

We got intimidated by her height (she's 5'10"!) at first, but then we saw how full her lips were...and knew we shouldn't pass up the oppurtunity to chat her up!

On her best fashion tip for looking sexy: "Don’t overdo your style. Keep it simple. It will define you more."


cosmo 8 sexiest models

Possessing perhaps the longest legs we've seen (and we've seen plenty!) on a girl, Samantha Gomez certainly has the look and physique of a runway model. And oh, girls, she can show you how to make yours look longer here!

On what makes her sexy: "My personality makes me sexy. It’s more of what shines through me than my physical looks."


cosmo 8 sexiest models

From mestizas and chinitas, we hop to the morena bandwagon, driven by the tall, lean, and gorgeous Jodilly Pendre. She really makes us proud of our skin!

On her description of a true Cosmo Girl: "A Cosmo Girl is extraordinary."

There you have it boys and girls, the elegant women who make up this year's list of Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models! But, more good news: The eye-candy parade doesn't end here! On the next page are more girls! The ogling continues!

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