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Jan 29, 2014
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Ladies and gents, one of the questions often asked in inuman sessions and weed-athons has been answered: Yes, farts can cause explosions!

Cow fart, that is.

A cow shed in a dairy farm in the German town of Rasdorf had its roof damaged by an explosion caused by the build up of methane gas. The shed contained around 90 flatulent cows. That's a lot of beef (and farts) right there.

cow fart explosion

According to the local police, the explosion was sparked by static electricity and was accompanied by flashes of flames. No human casualties were reported although one poor cow was said to have been treated for burns.

So, just how much methane can a dairy cow produce a day? Studies suggest it can be between 200 to 500 liters a day. And that's just for one cow. Gather almost a hundred of the beefy herbivores in one place and you've got a recipe for a really smelly and explosive scenario.

Can our utot produce fire as well? Yes, because human fart also contains methane gas. Check out the brave fellow in the video below (possibly NSFW).


Fill something like the Araneta Coliseum with farting peeps and we might just produce a really lethal fart bomb. Seriously guys, don't try this at home.