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Cuties Ahead: The Best of Planet Woman 2012

Since it's hard to talk to girls, we sacrifice ourselves, and do it for you! Here's 2012's best!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 26, 2012
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Over the course of a year, we got to bug a lot of women, peppering them with beauty pageant questions that they answered gamely. So to all the women who participated in Planet Woman, we thank you for playing enthusiastically, and for allowing us to choose which picture of you to put on the site. And to all the guys who hopefully understood the fairer sex better after reading our features, congratulations to you, mga ser.

Planet Woman gets a lot of airtime around here, not just because we all want to know more about the strange creature that is a female, but also because there is no shortage of pretty faces to look at in the galleries. We've compiled some of the best this year, judged solely by the answers they put forth. (Okay, so maybe we also considered their cuteness level.) But really, all we're after are their answers and have never attempted to search for those girl-next-door types over at Facebook.

Here now are the best cute faces, err, the Best of's Planet Woman for 2012!

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