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Nov 25, 2013
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Do you want lions to show you their more loveable, less flesh-mauling cat side? Do you wants cats to sing along to Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball"? Want to see Pacquiao's recent opponent, tough guy Brandon Rios, break into tears? Or how about a tightly edited mini-documentary about Typhoon Yolanda as caught via handicam?

You're in luck, buddy. Our Best Of YouTube list returns today, starting with the most viral in recent weeks: that video of '90s martial arts star Jean Claude Van Damme performing a glorious split.

The Most Epic Split In All of History


At first, we thought, "Hoooo special epeks lang yan!" Digging for more details though, we found out that the stunt was indeed quite real, save for some safety harnesses and a few tricks here and there. The big thing was Van Damme was physically there to perform a split in between two moving trucks. That got us in the mood to watch his old movies!

Van Damme is not the only one who can do an epic split...or so Channing Tatum thinks so


An epic stunt deserves an epic parody. Here Mr. Magic Mike, Channing Tatum, tries to do it to humorous, crotch-breaking results!

Ginobili and Parker pull "Gatorade paper cup crushed by Tim Duncan's butt" prank


Think the Spurs are still laboring over that painful NBA Finals loss to the Heat? At the very least, things seem to be light in San Antonio, with their Big Three humorously not acting their age!

Miley Cyrus performs "Wrecking Ball" at awards show with giant, creepy cat


Yes, Miley Cyrus has been receiving a lot of flak lately. Her performance though at the recently concluded American Music Awards, technically wasn't all that bad. Also, a giant cat was in the background singing along to Miley, sending many netizens scratching their heads and asking: "What's the point of the cat?" Thumbs up for the complete randomness!

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