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Feb 10, 2015
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It has come to our attention that there's a new dance video taking over the Internet. However, don't expect sexy Koreanas or, for the ladies, handsome young men getting jiggy with it. The stars, this time around, are drunk manongs who are having the time of their life!

The video, which was uploaded by Facebook user redslim08 only yesterday, now has almost 42,500 shares, over 21,700 likes, and almost 9,000 comments. All that in just a day? W-H-O-A!

And we're not talking about a video with a bunch of dance experts here. By all indications, they're just noobs like we are, but that didn't stop them from unabashedly pulling off moves like:

dancing manongs

That unbuttoned camo shirt spells dance floor #swag!

dancing manongs

All oiled up and ready to go!

dancing manongs

Plus points for those ultra-expressive hands!

dancing manongs

Here's the camo dude checking if there's someone behind him... Oh that was part of his routine!

dancing manongs

Is it just us or does the hand guy have a future as a mime superstar?

dancing manongs

This man has watched way too many LeBron clips, hence the hand gesture. #SorryLBJFans

dancing manongs

We bet he doesn't know a thing or two about dancing, but whatever. He's having fun!

We don't know the actual reasons why they decided to turn what looks to be a backyard filled with banana trees into their own super club. However, the uploaded stated that this is how his titos passed the time in the province, so this could be just another "normal" afternoon for them. (This also kind of verifies our Tito Guide!)

And we're all thumbs up for it. After all, there are many, much worse things boozing can result to. And the end of the day, they're just unwinding, and who doesn't want to, especially after a hard day's work, right?

How about it, Internet? Shall we christen them as the 2015 version of UMD (Universal Manong Dancers)? Too lame? Then we open the floor to your suggestions for a possible dance group name! And to help you out, here's the full video:

Our comments section will now take your brilliant and pun-tastic ideas!