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HOLY CRAP: Dashcam Captures Plane Over A Highway Just Moments Before It Crashes Into A River!

You're driving then suddenly a plane pops out of nowhere! What are you gonna do?
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 4, 2015
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Here's something you don't see everyday. No, check that. Here's something you probably won't see in your lifetime: a plane sharply descending over a highway then clipping a taxi before crashing into the river below!


But, guess what? That "Is-this-from-a-Final-Destination-movie?" footage was captured by a dashcam!


Video via Eduardo Woo


What you just saw is TransAsia domestic flight GE235 just moments before crashing into Taiwan's Keelung River. The incident happened just a few hours ago and, according to the latest reports, the death toll is currently at 15 (out of the 28 pulled from the fuselage) with 30 people still unaccounted for out of the total 58 passengers (including the crew). These figures are expected to change within the next few hours as more information is obtained about the crash and what caused it.

Rescue efforts are currently on-going so, FHM Nation, #PrayForTransAsiaFlightGE235!

Here's a couple of screencaps of the plane just seconds before impact:

transasia crashImage via missxoxo168 on Twitter

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