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Nov 7, 2016
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Regina Belmonte, daughter of Philippine Star President Miguel Belmonte has openly expressed her frustration upon learning that Mocha Uson will be writing under an opinion column in the daily broadsheet.

In a tweet on Sunday, Belmonte minced no words in expressing what she felt over Uson writing for the publication her grandmother founded.

Belmonte also said she was just keeping herself real amid the issue that caused her sadness.

Uson for her part told Belmonte that she didn't deserve to be part of the Philstar family since she was a non-journalist.

She also said it was okay if the publication took back their offer and that she was already honored just to be considered to write for them.

According to entertainment host-columnist Ricky Lo, Uson is scheduled to start with her opinion-editorial column titled Hotspot on Tuesday, November 8.