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This Giant Is The Largest Great White Shark Ever Filmed

Magnificent and terrifying!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 13, 2015
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If you've been checking our news feed lately, you'll know that we're fond of giant things with large teeth, like sharks. And our fascination with one of the deep's top predators has intensified, thanks to a recent video which shows a big-ass great white being closely watched by puny humans.

How big are we talking about here? Take a look:

deep blue shark

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Now before you go paranoid and say that movie history's most villainous shark is not a product of fiction, the creature you just saw is actually named Deep Blue, which is said to be the largest great white ever filmed. Measuring a little over 20 feet long, the giant is the same size as a small boat.

But hey, the hell with details! We know you want to see more of this real-life sea monster!


Video via NBC News

Oh man, she's truly monstrous. YesDeep Blue's a she, a female great white at least 50 years old, and is apparently pregnant, making her look even larger-than-life in the clip.

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