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Disney Gone Wild: Artist Draws Popular Disney Princesses As Racy Pin-Up Girls!

You naughty ladies!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 18, 2015
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Disney princesses gone wild?

One graphic artist is causing major buzz online after controversial images of popular Disney princesses were discovered on his Instagram account.

Los Angeles-based illustrator and animator Andy Tarusov has been gaining popularity after giving a sexy spin on some of the most well-loved female characters from the Disney universe, transforming them into racy pin-up girls!

He then shares his "Princess Pin-Up" series on his IG account, which has, as of this writing, already garnered over 27,800 followers. In case you really have a weird fetish about Cinderella and company (why, dude?), Andy has also put up a page where he archives all of his NSFW works.   

From a skinny-dipping Ariel to a completely nekkid Rapunzel, Andy definitely took these princesses to a hotter level. These are definitely not the ladies of Disney you'd want your daughter or baby sister to see.

For more of Andy's Disney Pin-Up images, visit his Instagram page, @askandy.

Images from Andy Talusov's Instagram