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Dutdutan Trece: Where The Wild Things Are

Why do you think we keep coming back here?
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 30, 2013
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If our memory serves us right, this marks the fifth time FHM has crashed Dutdutan, and for a good reason: Aside from the FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party, this, in a nutshell, is where all the wild things (and in this case wild is good) are found! And this year's convention, which took place last weekend at the World Trade Center, totally did an awesome job of continuing the tradition.

Scroll down to check out our recap of Dutdutan Trece (13)!

To those who've never been to the country's biggest annual tattoo convention, here's what's up: Dutdutan is home to all things macho but with the volume turned several notches up, and inclusive of rock gods, hip hop icons, award-winning tattoo artists, freaks, geeks, babes in bikinis, and ice cold beer, among others. Sometimes it's a three-in-one mix, like this bebe girl below.


Scalp inks, big-ass piercings, and Yakuza-like presence aside, the tattoo artists featured in Dutdutan actually have the lightest hands in the industry. It's not much of a leap to get your first tattoo in a place like this.


You're looking at a guy with a skull "implanted" at the back of his handthis right here is a new level of freak.


In a world full of modern-day hipster-ific tattoo designs, we admire those who still opt for the classicsthe snakes, the fire-breathing dragons, and the bengals (pictured below). This dude in particular deserves extra retro points for having it inked on his chest area, Bilibid -style!


We're not particularly sure what to make of this piece of sculpture, but the gas mask and the telekinetic puppetry reminds us of a Metal Gear Solid's Screaming Mantis. Either way, we told you Dutdutan is freaky.

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Photos Inna Aldeguer
Additional photos Dutdutan.com.ph