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Duterte Is Running For President!

The take-no-prisoners mayor from Davao confirms that he will be running for the top post in government.
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 22, 2015
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Aaand it is done: Rodrigo Duterte, the take-no-prisoners Davao mayor known for his strict sense of discipline will be running for president.

Duterte confirmed as much in a phone interview with Rappler, last Saturday (November 21). His words: "Yes, I am running." For anyone who has followed this saga filled with cliffhangers and "Is he running? Is he not running?" moments, those words elicited the same kind of goosebumps that Michael Jordan's infamous "I'm back" did to end his first retirement. 

Will Duterte's big decision bear trophies for the Philippines? A considerable number of Filipinos are hoping it will.

For the full report, check out Rappler or ABS-CBN's full report

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