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Aug 2, 2016
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President Rodrigo Duterte has once again called the attention of companies that continue to practice "endo" or contractualization, warning them that he will cancel their permits.

In a press briefing on Monday, Duterte expressed pity to employees whose rights are being taken advantage of. He then threatened to close down companies that refuse to regularize workers.

"Stop contractualization, it will not do good to our country... Pag nalaman ko, I'll just simply close your plant… Don't tempt me," he told Philstar.

The President also urged companies to follow Labor laws such as paying the minimum wage and providing proper employee benefits.

Duterte stressed that if the companies "do not take care of the workers, then he cannot take care of the companies."

He added that employees can report Labor law violations through the newly established national emergency hotline 911 and citizen complaint hotline 8888.

The abolition of contractualization was among Duterte's campaign promises, along with curbing criminality, when he ran for higher office.