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Sep 9, 2016
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Presidente Rodrigo Duterte recently issued another one of his hyperbolic statements where he threatened the Abu Sayyaf, saying that he will eat them alive if they don't stop their terrorist activities.

During a speaking engagement in Laos earlier this week, the president said that he will eventually put an end to the bandit group once and for all, the Inquirer reported.

"Go ahead. Set off bombs. Time will come when I will eat you in front of the people. I will devour you and if I have to, erase you," he said.

Duterte also said that he will show no mercy to the Abu Sayyaf when he gets fed up with their antics.

"If I have to face them, you know I can eat humans. I will really open up your body. Just give me vinegar and salt, and I will eat you," he said. "That's true. If you annoy me to the fullest... I will eat you alive. Raw."

Duterte's statement comes after the Davao City blast last Friday where at least 14 were killed and over 60 were injured.

Last month, he issued a similar warning where he said he could be ten times more brutal than terrorists.