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#Dyesebel: Was That Really A Naked Anne Curtis?!

The people behind Dyesebel sure knows how to get our motors running!
by Mikey Agulto | May 7, 2014
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FHM Nation, were you able to watch Dyesebel last Monday, May 5? Did we really just see Anne Curtis in the nude? Because it looked like she was!

In the said episode, Dyesebel's fish tail finally transforms into human legs with the help of a magical kabibe. But our heroine doesn't own any possessions beyond the ocean world, so she had no choice but to walk on land...buck naked!

It's clear that the character of Dyesebel isn't supposed to have any clothes the first time around, but we're dying to know: Did Anne really bare her nekkid body for this scene? She could be a method actress, for all we know.

Scroll down for FHM's recap of the scene that made many dinner-eating people choke in excitement!

There's a good chance that we're merely relying on wishful thinking, but ABS-CBN News noticed it too, so we guess we're on to something here!


Notice the blur in her chest and buttocks area? Why else would the editors censor these body parts? Is it because her goods are exposed?


We don't see any bikini strings in this shot. Do you?


It's not like she showed her puppies in this episode, but wouldn't it be nice to know that she was really nude behind-the-scenes?


NEXT: How about a side-boob shot?