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Oct 1, 2013
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Just in case you still need proof that Anne Curtis is the most bankable celebrity in the country today, here's another one: Her very own E! News Asia Special aired last weekend!

The 30-minute documentary, which aired on E! last Sunday, September 29, features the highs and lows of Anne's illustrious 15-year showbiz career—how she was discovered, the movie role that started it all for her, her highly-publicized break-up with Sam Milby, her controversial nip slip, and tons more. Press play on the video below to watch the preview:


We thought we knew Anne from inside and out, but it turns out there's more to her than meets the eye. Here are 10 new things we learned about Anne after watching her E! News Asia Special!

1. Growing up in Australia, the Curtis-Smith family would often come to the Philippines to visit her mom's relatives. While eating in Jollibee one day, a talent manager spotted the 12-year old Anne and approached her about entering showbiz. Anne's dad thought it was a scam, but her mom was extra supportive.

Anne Curtis

2. Anne's very first movie role was as Princess Dahlia in the Peque Gallaga fantasy flick Magic Kingdom. She was, however, still unable to speak Tagalog at the time, so the director opted to dub her voice with that of another actress. She hasn't stopped working since.

Anne Curtis

3. Her dad reveals that prior to becoming a celebrity here in the Philippines, Anne was already one of the popular students at her school in Australia.

Anne Curtis

4. Anne's boyfriend, Erwan Heussaff, does not like talking about his relationship with Anne in public. "When it comes to his restaurants and his cooking, all out 'yan," says Anne. "But when it comes to our relationship, he chooses to be more private. I think it works." Erwan, in fact, declined to give interviews for her E! News Special.

Anne Curtis

5. Remember when Anne had a nip slip during a dance number for ASAP XV back in 2010? She wasn't totally distraught when it happened, though she admits it really hit her hard when the tabloids started releasing the unblurred screenshots in public. "I wanted to die when it happened," shares Anne.

Anne Curtis
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