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Dec 20, 2014
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Here's a photo of showbiz besties Ellen Adarna and Gwen Zamora. As you can see, they're quite comfortable with each other. 

Ellen Adarna

What we don't understand is why their kissing photos are getting mixed reactions from their Instagram followers. It looks sort of scandalous, we know, but what's so wrong about two straight girls being really sweet to each other? Netizens who are offended by this should take it easy.

Ellen Adarna

Besides, if Ellen's Instagram page is any indication, it looks like she really just loves to kiss people...

Ellen Adarna

Ellen Adarna

...while Gwen just loves to be on the receiving end of it. It's called being expressive, people. Get over it.

Ellen Adarna

Gwen Zamora

Girls do it all the time, you know. Georgina Wilson also has a couple of kissy-kissy moments on her Instagram page, yet nobody's questioning her sexuality.

Georgina Wilson

Friends of Daiana Menezes always plant a wet one on her cheek, but that doesn't change the fact that she's married.

Daiana Menezes

You think Luis Manzano has a problem with this photo of girlfriend Angel Locsin? If you do, then you've got real problems, my friend.

Gwen Zamora

First cousins Isabelle Daza and Georgina even locked lips in one of those Bench billboards, and it didn't get as much hate as the Ellen-Gwen photo.

Isabelle Daza

You may be wondering why we sound fuming mad. Well, we're not. To tell you the truth, we just needed a reason to show you pictures of girls kissing other girls. Ha!


Bottom line is, people shouldn't get in the way of two hot girls kissing! OKAY?!