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FANTASY FULFILLED: Ellen Adarna Would Like to Examine You...Orally!

Ellen is a natural when it comes to fulfilling men's fantasies
| May 15, 2015
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Back us up on this one, FHM Nation. We've fantasized about Ellen Adarna more times than we can count, and, more often than not, she finds a way to put those fantasies to life. 

Let's put things into perspective for a second. What kind of girl would take her dog out for a walk in a dominatrix outfit...

Ellen Adarna

Break the Internet by going bra-less during a sparring session...

Ellen Adarna

Break the Internet a second time by skipping rope in her undies...

Ellen Adarna

And tie a lucky bastard to a damn chair so she could give him the "punishment" he deserves?

Ellen Adarna

A girl who obviously knows how our minds work, that's what. Ellen is a natural when it comes to fulfilling men's fantasies, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. In fact, she's got something new in store for us, and we know that because...well, let's just say we're in on the act.

Tell us: Does this scenario look familiar to you? Have you seen this in your dreams before?

That's Ellen Adarna as the dentist of your dreams, and she wants to examine you...orally. Will you let her do it? Is she going in for a kiss? Are those hands going anywhere other than your mouth? Seriously, what's going to happen?


The outcome of this dream scenario depends on how you play the little game FHM and Zact Toothpaste have prepared for you. Press play on the video below to see if you have what it takes to catch Ellen's fancy. Remember: Whatever happens, don't stain your image!

Thanks for playing, FHM Nation!



Video shot at AdFix Production Design Studio

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