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Father's Day Cards: Awkward Edition

Pick your poison
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 14, 2013
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Advanced Happy Father's Day, to all you dads of the FHM Nation!

We can't expound on it any more than we already have: Daddy-Os are just the best. Most things we know as a man we learned from our pops. But we all know that a father and son relationship isn't always all sunshines and rainbows. Egos sometimes clash, awkward secrets are revealed, and manhoods get compromised. This is why, more often than not, the best of us choose to look the other way when daddy does something stupid...

But we will do so no more! We're all adults here, dammit. This is the year we turn it all around and get it out of the way.

Sorry pops, this is something we just have to do. To those who want to join our crusade (and have a little bit of fun—that's all we're doing here), hit the gallery below to pick an awkward and brutally honest greeting card to give to your dad!

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