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#FHM100Sexiest2014: What Will Marian Wear This Year?

Did Marian set the bar too high for herself?
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 8, 2014
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Remember when Marian Rivera made the front page of The Philippine Star after last year's FHM 100 Sexiest Women victory party? It still blows our minds to this day, and if it's not too much to ask, we would like nothing more than to achieve that feat two years in a row. 

The thing though is Marian may have set the bar too high for herself, and she may be in a bit of a pickle this year.

Is it even possible to top that headline-grabbing outfit, let alone match it? Eager to help The Queen out, we mixed and matched a few things to help her choose what to wear come event night tomorrow night (yes, isang tulog na lang Victory Party na!). Scroll down for our suggestions!

Topping last year's outfit could be close to impossible, so might as well wear something that's too daring for a newspaper, right? Our suggestion: a nip slip-friendly bikini, ala-Jahziel Manabat.


Maybe The Queen could also emulate Daiana Menezes' infamous "Brazilian look" from last year's show. No hair down there!


Marian really has nothing left to prove, so we won't take it against her if she decides to attend the event fully-clothed. Wait, that's not true at all. You better step up, Yan-Yan!


NEXT: Eh kung Darna? 

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