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Aug 28, 2015
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15 things a man must know

There were so many crazy things floating around the Internet this week, it was so hard to narrow down this list to just 15. But since we're the bro-est of bros, we tried our best to do so, and the result is the latest and bursting-at-the-seams edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week.

Seriously, this one's stacked. Read on to see what we mean.

As much as we all love Instagram, you gotta admit that being a square in this world full of photos of varying lengths and widths just won’t cut it. That’s why the giant photo-sharing network's latest update, which allows users to post tall or wide photos and videos, is defo a welcome development for IG addicts. Good job!

15 things a man must knowImage via Pcmag.com

Some Game of Thrones scoop: Just when we thought Stannis Baratheon was dead in both the books and the TV series, here comes George R. R. Martin himself saying otherwise. So the king looks and seems dead, but apparently he's not dead—ano ba talaga, kuya?

15 things a man must knowImage via Rockpaperwatch.com

For some bizarre reason, there’s actually a place in Tokyo that sells poop-flavored curry, despite research suggesting that 85-percent of their target customers won’t dare set foot in the restaurant after hearing about their specialty. Oh, Japan…

15 things a man must knowImage via Ghanawebonline.com

The trailer for Banksy’s Dismaland is out, and as you probably expected, it’s delightfully dark and dreary.

Video via banksyfilm

The Dave Grohl awesomeness parade just keeps getting better and better: The rock icon invited a fan celebrating his 50th birthday up onstage during a show in Michigan and shared a beer with him. Lucky guy!

15 things a man must knowImage via Nme.com

We’re really jealous of Calvin Harris right now: He’s got the looks, the body, the talent, the sizzling hawt girlfriend, and now he’s the world’s highest-paid DJ. Life just ain’t fair.

15 things a man must knowImage via Digitalspy.com

For all the #foreveralone bros out there: You can now pretend to kiss someone goodbye before rushing off in the morning with this human face-shaped coffee lid! Mwah mwah, tsup tsup, glug-glug-glug!

15 things a man must knowImage via Mashable.com

A 26-year-old fisherwoman named Darcie Arahill is our latest crush, and for a very good reason: This badass lady effortlessly reels in both giant fish and thirsty dudes like us with her awesome fishing skills and teeny-tiny bikinis. Seriously, what’s not to love?


15 things a man must know

If you could go back in time to tell your younger self some important bits of life advice, what would you say? Watch this inspiring video to see what others would say. (Warning: might set off onion-cutting ninjas!)

Video via CBC

A 12-year-old Taiwanese boy most definitely had the worst moment of his young life when he tripped in a museum and punched a hole through a 17th-century $1.5 million painting. Ouch!

Video via PopularStories

There’s really, seriously, a human who was born with three penises (we repeat: THREE!) and no butthole. The Indian boy has since undergone surgery to have his nether regions fixed, so there will be no offers from porn outfits coming his way once he hits 18.

15 things a man must knowGIF via Giphy.com

Speaking of porn, there’s seriously a raunchy parody of Ronda Rousey, aptly titled Ronda ArouseMe: Grounded and Pounded. There’s an SFW trailer, so you can probably watch it in the office…probably.

Video via Vince Mancini

Not cool: TMZ reports that NBA star Derrick Rose is being sued for drugging and gang-raping an ex-girlfriend a couple of years ago. Really not cool.

15 things a man must knowImage via basketbawful.blogspot.com

Anna Kendrick’s got a sexy stripping scene in her upcoming movie Digging For Fire, and boy oh boy is she fiiiiine. We’re damn jealous of her co-star…whoever he is.

Video via GRAND GRV

In this week’s dose of super creepy things girls do with makeup, here we have a lady transforming herself into a freaking husky—yes, a dog—with some high-tech hardcore cover up skills. It’s interesting to watch, but creepy as hell at the same time.

Video via Ilana Makeup Artist