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FHM 150 Contest's 2nd Batch of Winners Have Been Selected!

We're giving away FHM 150 Party tickets!
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 28, 2013
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Happy Monday, FHM Nation! The second batch of FHM 150th Issue Contest winners have been selected! We ain't gonna lie to y'all: We read more than 300 entries in our second screening, and while we did get a couple of top brass, first class flattery, a huge portion of our session was consumed by a legion of crappy entries. For our third and final batch of screening this Thursday, we wish to never see any of these answers again:

"FHM is a very good tips"
"FHM a magazine"
"FHM past time"
"FHM is laxative...aaaahhhh!"

But like we said, we did admire a good few in our second batch of entries, some of which you will get the chance to read below. As promised, the top five commenters will receive exclusive tickets to the FHM 150 victory party this Thursday, January 31, at Republiq in Resorts World Manila!

Read on and find out how these folks caught our fancy:

fhmhero (93.33)
I remember looking at your Cristine Reyes issue in a particular grocery shop with much adoration and perplexity if I should buy it or not. I only have P250 that moment. I know that if I purchased it, more than half of my money will be gone. I long stayed in that store and ended up carrying the said issue to my apartment. Like a lion hungry for its prey, I wrecked the plastic cover and ogled every page of the magazine. It was a delight to my becoming as a man. I just turned 19 by then and I thought having an FHM would drive me to discover more of my nurturing manhood. And that is no mistake. That Cristine Reyes issue turned to be the first member of my almost-complete collection. I hid my collection from my family because of the fear that they might be against it. But last year, I laid my cards on the table and showed it to them. Contrary to my negative thoughts, they accepted it. My brother even borrows copies at times. I think this is what FHM to me: taking risks and enjoying the challenges it brings. What is sweeter is when you knew you biked on the right track. There’s nothing more fulfilling than looking at my collection and acknowledging the hard work I put for it. I felt victorious. It is happiness that it all started with Cristine.

Jmoracion1984 (85.33)
FHM symbolize freedom of expression in the Philippines and one of the core belief in being a true man for myself. Freedom of expression is because it helped opens up the caged thoughts of both Filipino men and women. Since we're in a Catholic, semi-conservative country, our thoughts with regard to sexuality is somewhat being tackled behind the curtains or inside the bar. But with FHM, our ideas, thoughts and desires in the realms of sexuality are being explored and discussed that it helps each everyone of us learn to become a responsible yet free intellect individuals. FHM also helps me in strengthening my manhood while living in a house where me and my dad are the only guys. If FHM is not there, maybe I already gone through the other side of the force. To sum it all up, FHM became an integral part of my life because it helps me to express all of my thoughts in life (especially in sexuality) and strengthens my manhood. I could not ever think that I'm a true man if I did not learned about FHM.

fhmjustin (84.00)
I learned to read at 5. Discovered FHM when I was 11 and completed my collection shortly after turning 18. It's hard to describe my relationship with FHM, escpecially now that it has been 9 nine years since I became acquainted with it. But I guess for me, For Him Magazine is my treasure. Why? Because I don't own cars. I don't have a mansion. I don't have a high-paying job. I don't even have the smartest gadget around. Yet I'm still happy and content. Always very excited to look forward to a new month. And I hope it'll remain this way for a long time. Thank you FHM, and happy 150th issue!

dalawalo (79.33)
“Ang manyak mo naman”, yan ang kadalasan kong naririnig pag may taong makakaalam na isa akong collector ng FHM, de syempre idedepensa ko ang sarili ko, “hindi lang naman kasi pampatigas manoy ang FHM.” FHM serves a multi-purpose guide for me, from what to do and what to say when I'm in front of different kind of girls to how to fit in this game called “LIFE”. Your magazine plays as health, sports and fitness source for a guy like me. A month opener, because as a month of every year starts, the first thing in my to-do list is to grab a fresh copy of FHM. The one who gave chance for me to meet and greet various celebrities thru your monthly cover girl autograph signing and yearly FHM 100 sexiest victory party. FHM is the one responsible why I'm now a carshow enthusiast not to mention those hot carshow babes that some of them knew me already. Lastly For Him Magazine Ph functions as my diary since most of my memorable moments are in the letter section of different issues. Pero eto satin satin lang 'to, oo aaminin ko na, ang FHM ang kasama ko sa mga gabing malalamig. :)

NEXT: Prepare yourselves for AJ Ganno, who wrote us his life story! Also, the details on the third draw, where will give away year-long free FHM subscriptions!

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