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FHM 150 Contest: Here are the First 5 Winners!

This one's still ongoing!
by Mikey Agulto | Jan 4, 2013
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In line with the upcoming release of our 150th issue this January, we invited y'all to join the FHM 150th Issue Contest. In it we asked you, the FHM Nation, this simple question: "What is FHM to you?" Members with winning answers were promised exclusive event tickets, year-long magazine subscriptions, and fancy dinner meals for two, which was why it didn't take long for the answers to pour in.

We're happy to announce that we have chosen our first batch of winners! As promised, they will receive a street steak and oyster meal from Murray's New Orleans Bourbon.

Read on and find out how these folks caught our fancy:

Growing up in an exclusive Catholic-all boy’s school was something that I enjoyed. Although I had no access to girls and was totoy at the time, I was able to educate myself about these creatures via one of the things I treasure, reading. Thanks to FHM, which I treat as a mentor in almost all aspect of life, I was able to obtain and acquire the skills needed to approach girls. I will be honest. During this time in my life, my hormones were off balance and everything was going haywire. I didn’t know the moves when I tried to approach a girl. I would always choke. I needed a Master Miyagi in my life. Yes, FHM you are that. You are my Yoda! Of course, it was illegal for me to own a copy since I was under aged. So, I would ask my driver to get a copy every month from our local magazine store. Worst part, I needed a good place to hide my FHM from the prying eyes of my parents. They’re not treating it as an illegal substance in the house. In contrast, they love it. Every time I would bring one home, they would steal it from me. Since I am a person that treats each magazine with the highest standard, I always want them in pristine condition. As such, I would keep them hidden in large plastic containers to keep them safe from the hands of my parents. I would always make up stories that I didn’t get any copy of it. So they would usually buy their own copy. I was really that selfish when it comes to your magazine! It was epic and legendary. For around more than 10 years, without a doubt, I am indebted to the best magazine in the world. For it would always be my Master Miyagi, my Yoda, and everything else in between. Thank you for all the lessons, I have learned from you.

FHM is a way of life! Ever since I read a copy of your magazine a few years ago, I got hooked already but I don't have the money to buy it yet since I'm still a minor (yes a minor!), so I have to go to our local barber shop who buys the magazine every month and then I go there even if I don't need a haircut just to read! But now I'm already working and can afford to have my own copy I just sit back at home and wait for Manong to deliver it to my house. FHM has been part of me and my partner's life ever since and we always discuss things that we read from the magazine and we even take turns guessing who might be the next cover girl! So indeed FHM made me and my partner a little closer since we share the same ground through you guys..(but still can't help to be jealous with all the beautiful girls in your mag).

FHM to me is like a sizzling plate of spicy sisig. It's so hot it makes you perspire; and it goes well with ice cold beer, too! : P

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