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May 15, 2013
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Hey, this Nancy Binay Versus The World thing is getting way too nasty! Them netizens are calling her degrading names, lambasting what little credentials she may have, even making memes about the color of her skin (which is funny, but totally out of line). Even Vice Ganda couldn't keep his cool when talking about Nancy, going as far as publicly saying she's underqualified for the job.


Binay is well on her way to becoming a Philippine Senator, raking in more than 12 million votes and ranking fifth overall in this year's elections. But why do plenty among us believe the Philippines is about to enter a new era of darkness?

Nancy Binay Fail

We have even been allegedly proclaimed "the most stupid country to elect a 20-year OJT as a Senator" by a prestigious magazine. This is, of course, a joke.

Nancy Binay Fail

When all anti-Binay gestures failed to meet its purpose, the people pleaded for Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to take care of business and open a can of whoop ass to those who are allegedly undeserving of a Senate seat. Nancy, infamous for intentionally eluding Risa Hontiveros's challenge for a debate, conveniently topped Miriam's hit list.

Nancy Binay Fail

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