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Jan 15, 2014
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Boy, it sure is a dream come true for us to have the Banana Nite Girls in one giant cover. We thought it would be a bit of challenge to produce a massive New Year's outing this time around, given how legendary our January 2013 cover is (hello, Marian Rivera!). But alas, it turns out there was no need to worry after all.

We mean, have you seen how gorgeous Aiko Climaco is in our latest issue? She alone would have been more than enough!

Aiko Climaco

And so this is us paying homage to the first of our three new favorite TV comediennes. (We owe Sunshine and Jef their respective shout outs and we'll get to that in the following weeks!) We thank you, Aiko, for dutifully living up to our massive expectations. We love you to bits and pieces, and here's why:

We love you because long before you became a celebrity, you had the kapal ng mukha and tibay ng apog to ham it up with Willie on-air


We love you because Willie is highly protective of you, which says a lot about your star potential


We love you because your seductive dance moves alone could put our magazine out of business


We love you because you went out of your way to pursue your studies long after showbiz came a-knockin'


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