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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Cristine Reyes Is Preggy, UFC Fighter Poops Himself, And The Cavaliers' Record Night!

We'll remember last weekend as The Weekend That Biologically Took Cristine Reyes Off The Market!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 17, 2014
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You know what's so bad after an awesome payday weekend? The Monday that follows. You're busy calculating all that you've (over)spent the last weekend as piles of new work drop on your desk. It's enough to make any grown men ball up their hands into a fist and scream inside.

But boy do we have the antidote for you! Ten of our favorite attention-grabbing headlines from the two-day reprieve that now come your way in the form of FHM's Best Of The Weekend! We start with...

1)   BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME, BOYS: Cristine Reyes is having a baby

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FHM queen Cristine Reyes is having a baby. Having a baby is said to be a blessing. Unfortunately, for the Filipino men who were watching when Cristine broke the news through the variety show ASAP, it was a moment of reckoning. One of FHM's favorite women is pregnant, and the daddy ain't any one of us! A disaster!   

The lucky guy: MMA fighter Ali Khatibi! 

Read more about it here!

2)   VANDALISM ALERT: BSP warns public: "
Wag niyong drawing-an yang pera!"

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When we were kids, we liked drawing on the faces plastered all over our bills. Why? Because it made us snicker. Unfortunately, the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas isn't amused. They've released a statement that anyone caught drawing on Manuel L. Quezon's mug on a P20 bill will be handed a P20,000 fine!   

Read more about it here!

3)   GEEK MOMENT OF THE WEEKEND: Polaroid-type phone case prints your photos

Do you like selfies? How about instant photos? You like both? Now you can have the two of them simultaneously. In what was the biggest geek news of the weekend, a company called Prynt is planning to release a phone case that can print a photo taken with your phone in just 30 seconds! Sign us up!  

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Video via TechCrunch

Read more about it here!. 

4)   THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN NEWS: Girl loses ear in UFC fight! 

UFC 180 proved to be more gruesome than your typical UFC fight as Leslie Smith's ear exploded from a powerful punch from opponent Jessica Eye yesterday. Eye launched a right straight that hit flush on Smith's cauliflower ear, causing it to explode violently.

Anyone up for some dinuguan?

Read more about it here!

SMELLY NEWS: UFC Fighter Humberto Brown poops himself! 

Yesterday's fight night just kept getting better as another UFC 180 match resulted in a bizarre ending. Gabriel Benitez choked out his opponent Humberto Brown in an undercard fight that produced not just a win but this glorious photo that we're sure will be a career highlight for both fighters:

Read more about it here!

AMERICAN IDOL: This singing comet is the voice of the weekend

The European Space Agency released a strange song that was captured coming out of Comet 67/P Churyumov-Gerasimenko. This is how it sounds:

Are they aliens? Scientifically, they're oscillations produced as the comet travels through space. But why let science be a party-pooper? We'd like to think it's the Silver Surfer trying to send a message to Galactus!

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