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Jul 6, 2015
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The countdown is on: We're just five days away from the manliest event of the year: The FHM Bro-Con!

In case you haven't heard, the BroCon will showcase everything that makes it great to be a man. It's a simple formula, really, and it goes: gorgeous women + bands + booze + all sorts of bro-approved activities = FUN DAY! And since this is a celebration we cooked up just for you, loyal members of the FHM Nation, we're going to let you control some parts of it!

Last week, we started off the series of polls where you can vote which songs you want our guest OPM rock acts Sandwich, Chicosci, Spongecola, and Ebe Dancel to play during the festivities. There will be one poll for each of them and it will include a list of some of the performer's best tracks. The top three songs at the end of the polling period (Friday, July 10) will be part of the set they will play at the BroCon.

[Pro-tip: You can vote as many times as you want, all you have to do is refresh this page after every vote!]

Previously we asked you which songs you want Raimund Marasigan and co. to play (you can still vote, just click here). This time around it's the turn of Miggy Chavez and the emo-tastic, post-hardcore rock-out artists of Chicosci to heed your call!

So, which of their songs do you want to hear live?

Here are the choices:

"FIRE AWAY" (This Is Not a Chicosci Record, 2012)

Video via fiacchezza


Video via Wincy Aquino Ong | Filmmaker

"SEVEN BLACK ROSES" (Chicosci, 2006)

Video via mcamusic

"MAGASIN" (The Reunion: An Eraserheads Tribute Album, 2012)

Video via Menard Yaz

"PARIS" (Method of Breathing, 2002)

Video via pajodaep

"A PROMISE" (Chicosci, 2006)

Video via Audioliscious

"RASPBERRY GIRL" (This Is Not a Chicosci Record, 2012)

Video via Ra Rivera

"DIAMOND SHOTGUN" (Fly Black Hearts, 2009)

Video via mcamusic

Ready? Vote now!


Now click here to get tickets to the FHM BroCon!


Which songs do you want Chicosci to play?

Fire away
Chicosci Vampire Social Club
Seven Black Roses
Raspberry Girl
Diamond Shotgun