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FHM Halloween Ball: The Parts We Love the Most (aka The Highlights!)

by Mikey Agulto | Oct 31, 2013
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Hands up if you partied with us at last night's FHM Halloween Ball! We could go all night citing all kinds of reasons why this year's party was the ultimate costume-clad shindig, but we'll let all the wacky and sexy photos vouch for us! Click here to proceed to our events gallery page!

But before you drown yourself in all those pictures, below are the 10 awesome-est moments from last night's party!

We love the part where FHM staffer Neps Firmalan showed up as Ka-Freddie!  "I don't always dress up for Halloween, but when I do, I look like, well, you know who," he tells us.


We love the part where FHM cover girls Danita Paner, Valerie Bangs Garcia, and Aubrey Miles took the time to mingle with the costumed freaks and geeks who dared to approach their table last night. Kuya Bouncer was nowhere to be found during the event, kaya ang lalakas ng loob ninyo!


We love the part where Valerie showed up in an Arabian Princess outfit. No wonder cameras (and ogling eyes) were on her all night.


We love the part where we finally got a hold of Karel Marquez after all these years. Crush na crush ka pa rin namin!


We love the part where a gang of attendees almost stole the show by dressing up as Arkham Asylum escapees. Ironically, no one bothered to show up as Batman last night.


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Photos Mark Jesalva