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Oct 23, 2014
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FHM InstaSexy: The Babes Of October 2014!

We've been hooked on Kapuso star Andrea Torres since last summer, or when this really yummy photo resurfaced online:

Photo via pep.ph

Who wouldn't, right?

After a year and a half of stalking patiently waiting, we now have a good enough reason to share with you our fascination with the buxom Ms. Torres: GMA 7 has finally noticed her huuuge potential and have chosen Andrea to play the lead role in their new afternoon fantaserye, Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra!


This got us thinking: May mga lihim rin kaya si Andrea Torres? (dun-dun-dundun)

Where else can we find the answers but on her official Instagram account @andreaetorres, where she shares all her "awesomeness." Hence, in this week's edition of FHM InstaSexy, we share with you the secrets, wonders, and all the fun times enjoyed by our longtime crush!

A whole lot of (sexy) revelations wait for you below!

But first, here's Andrea in white lingerie inviting you to catch her show (where you can see her don more lingerie)! #Plugging #DoingItRight

A photo posted by Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres) on

She can still be sexy even without flaunting much. #Dayum

A photo posted by Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres) on

She's just the perfect date! #LoveLoveLove

A photo posted by Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres) on

She has mastered the art of taking #Selfies!

Not sure if those slits are part of the design or the result of an intense workout #Punit

A photo posted by Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres) on

Man, she's strong! #JuskoLord

A video posted by Andrea Torres (@andreaetorres) on

NEXT: Andrea eats spiders for brekkies!