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Dec 26, 2013
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So how did you spend your Christmas, FHM Nation?

We're pretty sure your #balikalindog diet program had to take a backseat for a while to let you resume your duties as your family's official "lechon killer." Some of you might now have another set of embarrassing photos that your friends can use to blackmail you. There could even be some of you who are still nursing an epic X'mas hangover

All the same, we're guessing you had fun, just like how some of our favorite chickas spent their Yuletide season this year!

How much fun did they have? Check out the photos of this week's FHM's InstaSexy and find out how these babes enjoyed their Christmas!

FHM cover girl Misa Campo wants her Christmas tree Gundam-sized. #GoodluckSaElectricBill

It's pretty apparent that Misa really loves Christmas. Look at her snowflaked hoodie. #HoodieSnowflake

Valerie Bangs Garcia meanwhile spent her X'mas in Tokyo for a working vacay. #SipagNaman

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