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May 15, 2014
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FHM InstaSexy: What Chloe Dauden Does When She's Not Getting Wet On Our Cover!

Well, at least on Instagram! After celebrating her very grand 18th birthday last March, the Kapamilya teen queen is now officially a lady!

That means she can now formally entertain male suitors named or not named Daniel Padilla, reap and enjoy the wonderful benefits of alcohol (and curse them hangovers!), and watch R-18 movies. But the most important thing is we can now legally stalk her Instagram account @bernardokath without our conscience yelling “Huy, bata pa yan!”

In this week's edition of FHM’s InstaSexy, we take a look at Kathryn Bernardo’s IG, guilt-free! We're hoping die-hard KathNiel fans won't wage war against us after this! #peace

Just like Kathryn, we marked the date of her 18th birthday on our desk calendars, wall calendars, phone calendars, even on our neighbors' calendar... #MarkTheDate #Kathryn18

Here's one of the prettiest snaps in her debut's photo album. #debutante #FHMDebutNamanNext 

And here's the final outfit she wore during her debut party. #gown #legit #SexyBack 

And if you're the teen queen, celebrating your 18th birthday is considered must-see TV! #SundaysBest #MustSeeTV

Front view, side view, or even in tilted view, Kathryn's beauty radiates in all angles. #NaSayoNaAngLahat #TrueStory

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