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Mar 6, 2014
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Summer. Sexy. Beaches. Babes. Bikinis. FHM's 14th Anniversary Issue. Marian Rivera. It all makes sense, right?

Seeing her in a bikini makes us want to scream, "O-M-G!" So all together now: "Oh, My God!!!"

And because we adore every bit of her, this week's edition of FHM Instasexy is dedicated to @therealmarian. So what other O-M-G-worthy photos are there in her Instagram account? Scroll down to see the best of 'em!

Much like the drones here in FHM, Marian was excited for the release of her March 2014 cover! #GrabACopyNow #FHMQueenMarian

See that small, round-shaped object floating in the sky? We think that's an alien ship. Even UFOs want a glimpse at her! #OtherWorldlyBeauty

She stares. We melt. #TitiganTayo

She doesn't forget what makes her happy. Hey, Marian, you make us super happy, too! #happy

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