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Jan 24, 2014
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Hope you all liked our tribute to Aiko Climaco last week! For this week's FHM InstaSexy special, we shine the spotlight on Aiko’s equally gorgeous BFF and fellow January cover girl, Sunshine Garcia!

Banana Nite's Sunshine, Aiko, and Jef are FHM's January 2014 Cover Girls!

For those who aren't in the know, Sunshine’s been on our cover before. Together with Rochelle Pangilinan, Jopay Paguia, and the rest of the original Sexbomb Dancers, the Banana Nite mainstay headlined our March 2004 issue.

It took us 10 long years, but Sunshine's back on our arms again and she's looking sexier than ever! We celebrate this reunion, by taking a look at @sunshine_garcia's collection of sexy Instagram photos!

Thankfully, Sunshine is just as happy as we are that she's back on FHM. Look at her big...smile! #medyograiny #bakaeffectlang

Here's Sunshine fulfilling her cover girl duties with BFF Aiko. #asansijef

This is how she looks like when she's "fat." #sexypadineh

NEXT: Sunshine and her cute violet jumpsuit!