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Nov 15, 2013
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This is why we always make it a point to chummy up with celebritiesyou never know when they're finally ready to spill the beans on their privates, este, private lives! The FHM Ladies' Confessions Celebrity Diaries Vol. 7 is a testament to that, and it is now available in newsstands, bookstores, and wherever you get your monthly FHM fix!

The annual erotica special once again digs deep into the private (bedroom) lives of of your favorite FHM Babes. You know how it goes, bro: These celebrities share to us their steamiest and most intense sexual encounters, and we all try our darnest not to get a woody as they do! And hey, between you and us, we think this year's batch really stepped it up in the skin department!

Sirs and madams, behold this year's flipside cover girls, Meg Imperial and Kristel Moreno!

FHM Ladies Confessions
FHM Ladies Confessions
Aside from cover girls Meg and Kristel, we also engaged in long, revealing conversations about your favorite topics (sex and sexuality!) with the following: Chloe Dauden, Paloma Esmeria, Karen Bordador, Ava Jugueta, Danica Torres, Red dela Cruz, Danielle Castano, Jef Gaitan, and Sarah Gaugler! They're all feeling a bit naughty this month; don't you feel like lending an open ear?

The FHM Ladies' Confessions Celebrity Diaries Vol. 7 is now available everywhere for P195! Digital copies will also soon be available for download at www.summitmedia.com.ph/fhm. Swing by FHM.com.ph again in the next few days for a behind-the-scenes look at this year's Ladies' Confessions special!

In the meantime, hit the gallery below for a glimpse at what's inside this FHM special. Consider this one our very early Christmas present!