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Hollywood's Sexiest Voices, The Perfect Penis Size, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!
Deets on awesome man toys, gorgeous ladies, and much, much more up ahead!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 4, 2015
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It’s already September, and before you know it, it's Christmas already. It sucks that the year flies by so fast, but hey, we’re gonna get gifts again, and that’s always a good thing! With that in mind, read on to know about some awesome items we’d like Santa to deliver to us this year, as well as some women we’d also love to see under our Christmas tree!

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We’re all afflicted with Star Wars fever here at the FHM HQ in anticipation of The Force Awakens. But you know what’ll be cooler? Proper backstories for all the most badass characters, including one Boba Fett. Check out this trailer to see how such a movie would look like!

More SW goodness! This remote-controlled Millenium Falcon may not be a droid, but it’s definitely the drone you’re looking for. We're putting it on our Christmas wishlist, STAT!

15 things a man must know

End your #foreveralone drought at this Korean restaurant that exclusively serves single people (and sets 'em up for a surprise date)! Raise your hand if you want one like it here in the Philippines!

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If you think you’re weird, then good for you: Science has proven that you’re a tad more likely to be paired up. Being different ain’t too bad after all!

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Ed Sheeran’s having a great year—he’s earning roughly £15,000 every day. Clueless on the exchange rate? That’s around, oh, just P1,067,896 every 24 hours. Sarap ng buhay!

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We don’t normally care about womens’ fashion trends, but when it comes to lingerie, of course we’re gonna perk up—especially when it’s modeled by none other than Arianny Celeste. See our gorgeous August 2015 Cover Girl strut her stuff in a century’s worth of sexy little underthings!

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Check out this one-wheeled, next-gen skateboard that not only looks effin' cool, we bet it's also fun to ride! Dear Santa, we've been good kids...

15 things a man must know

Here’s an eargasmic video which ranks the 10 sexiest voices in Hollywood. Grab your earphones, lean back, and close your eyes while listening to these sweet sounds.

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Love your girl but think she’s lacking in the bust department? A Serbian engineer (and a definite boob guy) has invented a "miracle vibrating bra" that can permanently increase the size of a lady’s twins. Can we have a ton of those here, please?

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In the market for a new phone? Consider waiting a bit for the next iPhone: Apple's newest baby will (reportedly) have an improved 5-megapixel front camera, making it a good companion to keep your selfie game strong. You could also click here for the other nifties it's predicted to have.

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Remember that hot fisherwoman we featured a week ago? She’s got some tough competition in the form of Emily Riemer, a blonde bombshell who also enjoys nabbing giant fish out of the water. Sexy, skilled, and self-sufficient: That’s our kind of girl!

15 things a man must know

You wanna know the secret to Liza Soberano’s teenage heart? Keep your feet and toenails clean. "Ang una ko pong tinitignan sa guy ay yung paa at yung kuko niya sa paa," she told "Kasi gusto ko ay yung magandang paa. Namana ko ito sa daddy ko. Medyo turn-off ako kapag nakikita ko yung guy na marumi ang kuko." Take notes, gents.

American researchers used 3D-printed dildos to determine what penis size is really the best, and results showed that a decent 6.3-incher with a 4.8-inch circumference is considered ideal for a long-term boyfriend. For one night stands, (slightly) bigger is better: 6.4 inches long, five inches around. Time to whip out those measuring tapes!

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